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Hello everyone!

First things first, I need to apologize for my sudden hiatus before- I had my master's exams and thesis to write and all of this made it impossible for me to draw and be here with you. Luckily all of that is finally done and I am officially a full grown psychologist (lol).

I am back and with time to draw as well, but I got kinda hooked on k-pop (oh dear) and so I decided to create a tumblr and another deviantart page dedicated exactly to this kind of thing, you know- so that I do not bother normal people with this.

But don't worry! I will still be active here of course and inspiring you guys with my shitty drawings :happybounce: .

So yeah, I hope you all forgive me and love me still Heart .

Thank you so much for your support,

- I am back (hurray!)
- Check my tumblr and deviantart page for more k-pop.

I want to thank you all for your birthday wishes it made me so so happy that you guys thought of me and wished me :). Made my day better and better :).

Thank you so much :).

and about my art, I now have quite a lot of work at school (it's my final semester :( ) but I do have a commission I am working on so I will be posting that as soon as possible :).

Keep being awesome!
Deadpool - Watching you 
Merry christmas to all of you :)
Hello everyone,

Soo I wanted to kinda announce that I am back, I got a new tablet - Wacom Intuous pro M and it's awesome. I really love it but I mainly used it for sketching since I got it. I have so little time now for drawing it's ridiculous :( I have to get back to it properly and I hope to do so now.

Thank you everyone for your support so far aaand I hope to see you all here now :)
Hello everyone,

so I thought I should explain why I am not submitting anything new lately. The reason is quite simple yet really devastating because I broke my tablet.

I accidentally spilled water on it and I let it sit in rice for couple of days but the pen is not responding at all. I am no literally tablet-less and cannot draw properly. I just doodle when I'm at school.

I will buy a new stilus pen and hopefully that will work. If not I will have to save up for new tablet.

Inside Out Reaction Icon: Sadness

So yeah, cherish your tablets guys.
SO I thought maybe I could share my commission info with you :)

Commission Info by Psycadela

I have no idea if you guys are interested, but to me it sounds awesome!

So apparently cubebrush will be launching a new site where you can open your own art store.

They now have a thingy, where you get 5 credits for signing up early for later use. Also you will know exactly when the site launches when you sign up now :)

Here is the link for you:

Have a nice day everyone
Joy is happier ( Chat Icon ) 

So I am home after a terrific week, full of new experiences.

It was amazing but I really had very little time to draw. But I decided to share with you two "pieces" I did that are fun :).

Here is my watercolour play which, as you can see was all fun fun fun Love

Watercolour-play by Psycadela

And here is a drawing of our dog :) She is almost 10 years old! (can you guess what breed she is?)

Rokynka by Psycadela

Hope you are doing awesome!

Hello everyone,

So if any of you noticed that I am not here as often as I used to be and that my response is lacking, it is because I am currently at my parents house for the week. I am doing my practice at the psychiatric hospital so I do not have that much time and I do not have my computer nor tablet here.

This is the reason why I am unable to draw as well, or at least digitally. I have been doing and will be doing some traditional drawing though! Mostly studies and so I do not get out of the habit.

Would you like to see some of my traditional drawings as well? Or should I just stick to digital here? Meow :3 

Thank you and have a nice day everyone :happybounce: 
Oh my oh my!

So I reached 300 watchers recently and 10k page views and it makes me SO INCREDBILY HAPPY!!

I want to thank all of you guys for your support, it means so much to me and keeps me going, even through some of the harder times. I can say that I would not be so dedicated if it weren't for you guys.

Inside Out Reaction Icon: Sadness

So yes, thank you!

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So basically I am looking for someone who would be so nice and help me run my awesome group. If you would like to, or know anyone who would, please note me and tell me what could you personally do to help enhance the group :P.

Edit: Awesome people are awesome!

Thank you :)


I just wanted to write a quick explanation for my sudden absence, I was on vacation at the sea :).

It was awesome and such, sorry for leaving so quickly (for those who noticed, hehe).

Oh and what did you do/will you do this summer? :)
Here are two artists that participated in last challenge of the We-Paint-Portraits group :)

The theme was black and white and they did an amazing job!
Check them out and check the group out for further great portraits and new challenges :)


     Audrey Hepburn ~ Lip Gloss by lemgras330:

    And some more of her beautiful work:

     Emilia Clarke ~ GOT~ On Summer Vacation by lemgras330 Stephanie Leonidas  ~ Defiance by lemgras330 Max  Riemelt  ~  Sense8 by lemgras330


     portret by jkopiec:

    And some of his other awesome work:

     Krita by jkopiec Study_291014  by jkopiec Karolcia1a1 by jkopiec

Check them out and check the group out for further great portraits and new challenges :)
Hello everyone,

I have been wondering, since I basically primarily do portraits, if you guys would be interested in seeing me sketching out the begining of a portrait, and if you'd also be interested in tutorials.. more like my personal structure of work, because I am no master and my work is far from great.

Just let me know if you would be interested in the comments below. You can also ask any questions regarding my "artistic process", if you wanna know anything.. about colours and such..

Disgust Chat Icon 
I am so sorry for disappearing so suddenly but exams overwhelmed me A LOT. This week I will be doing an internship in the hospital so I will be really busy but after that my holidays begin and I will be able to draw and draw and draw some more :) Am really missing it right now and you all as well!

Thank you guys, hope you are doing awesome!
Hello everyone!

I just wanted to express my incredible happiness about this! I also want to thank you all for your support and everything because it drives me to be better and better.

I know that for many of you 200 watchers is not much, but it means the world to me.

Thank you all so much!

Making faces 

So I once again succesfully suggested a DD! makes me really really happy to spread the love :)

here it is!
The Ride Home by Guava-Pie

It only made me want to suggest more and more works as DDs :)

So yeah, share the love, peace and all of that!
Hello :) I've been tagged by Aliciane

I don't usually do these kind of things but this seemed to be fun so I decided to give it a go :).

You should take a pen and draw something! plus write the instruction down to show your handwriting :)

I tag: Fedodika, Charle-magne and kelogsloops 

Penmarker by Psycadela

(if you cannot read the instructions, it says:
    1. take a pen and start drawing
    2. show us your handwriting
    3. tag friends)
Hello everyone :)

I was so happy when I noticed that I reached 6000 views on my profile! Makes me really excited to share my art with all of you!

I still haven't reached 150 watchers, but when I do, I think I will do something special for all of you :)

Thank you!

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Yeah.. I thought I would give you guys a little update. I haven't been active here for a while. It's all due to my extremely demanding studies plus we are/were moving to a different flat and all of that is really really time consuming.

Bah I hope I will be able to draw more soon :)
And hope you guys are doing great!